AEGIS Guardian - Choosing A Guardian With AEGIS Certification

AEGIS guardian certification gives you additional peace of mind. Placing your trust in another guardian is an important matter and you must choose wisely. When you are choosing an education guardian for your child, one of the most important requirements should be that they are certified by AEGIS.

AEGIS stands for Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students. It is an organisation that brings together lots of schools and colleges with guardianship organisations. Its job is to ensure that it fully promotes the welfare of every one of the international students that choose Britain to enjoy a great education. It runs regular conferences and workshops to ensure best practise in all its participating members. When you choose a guardianship organisation to care for your child, you should make sure that organisation is AEGIS certified. AEGIS was founded back in 1994, and now covers 64 colleges or schools, and 38 guardianship organisations. It is not easy to become an accredited guardianship scheme through AEGIS, and those that do are monitored to ensure continual high standards. AEGIS guardianship is the gold standard for guardianship organisations, meaning that the guardian you choose will act in your children’s best interests without failure. When your child leaves to go to boarding school, it can be tough. It is only natural that you might feel some reservations about your child living and studying so far away. With a reliable guardian, you can take a little weight off your shoulders, knowing that your child is safe.

Academic Guardians UK is certified by AEGIS. This means that we are a proud AEGIS guardian provider, and you can rest assured that we will be looking out for your child’s best interests. To find out more, go to You can also phone 0203 515 8880, or send an email to with any questions. We will get back to you as soon as we can.