AEGIS Guardianship - Protecting Your Child

AEGIS guardianship accredited companies are preferable for numerous reasons. First and foremost, if you plan to send your child to study in the UK then you rightly require assurances that they will safe and cared for every step of the way. Appointing an education guardian is mandatory in many circumstances and choosing one who is AEGIS accredited will ensure your peace of mind for the duration of your child’s term of study in the UK. There are many benefits to appointing a guardian who will be a point of contact for both you and your child, both practical and pastoral.

An Accredited Education Guardian For Practical Assistance

The majority of independent schools in the UK require academic guardianships as part of the conditions of admission. These guardians will act as the parents’ representative in the UK, liaising with schools and sourcing any additional practical support the child may need during their stay. For instance, they can organise native speaking host families for half terms and longer holiday periods, providing as safe an atmosphere for your child as they will experience at the school itself. Equally, if the school you choose doesn’t have boarding facilities they will organise host families for longer periods. An AEGIS guardian will manage other practical considerations, such as booking flight tickets, organising transfers and other transportation issues. Perhaps most importantly, this guardian will be available 24 hours a day in case of emergency. This applies to both parents and children, allowing an open channel between parents and someone who can assist their child at all times. If you choose an AEGIS accredited guardianship, then you know that numerous other families have used the company in the past and have found the service to be good or excellent. You should also be able to read AEGIS comments on the company you’re considering alongside testimonials from previous clients. All this should contribute to peace of mind that your child is being cared for by someone who truly appreciates their needs whilst they are in the UK. AEGIS accredited organisations also receive support from AEGIS, which consistently improve their services. As such, it’s wise to select a guardianship company who conform to their rigorous standards.

A School Guardian To Protect The Welfare Of Your Child

While practical considerations are naturally paramount, for most parents sending their children to study in the UK, their emotional well-being is as important as their physical well-being. When you appoint a school guardian to represent you in the UK you expect them to care for your child’s individual needs and see them as more than simply one of a number of children they are dealing with. By choosing an AEGIS guardianship you will be one step closer to finding this ideal guardian. The guardian you appoint will attend school meetings and be the point of contact for the school or institution your child is studying at. You need them to be diligent, caring and able to understand the nuances of different cultures. Student guardianship is not something to be taken lightly and you know that when a company has been AEGIS accredited that they care deeply about the important role they have taken on. Guardians should be well-versed in the academic environment of the UK and be able to advise you and your child on examination and institution choices. They will also be able to assist with completion of application forms, which may seem like a barrier to entry. Their ultimate goal is to protect the welfare of your child in any way possible, including dealing with any problems that arise within the school setting or with host families. When you’re searching for a guardianship company to protect the interests of your child, Academic Guardians UK are an AEGIS accredited company providing guardianship services across the UK.

AEGIS Guardianship Provided By Academic Guardians UK

At Academic Guardians UK, we are proud to be a fully accredited supplier of AEGIS guardianship services. We take our job very seriously and endeavour to serve every individual family we work with tirelessly. Our education guardian services provide a 24-hour point of contact for parents and children alike. Our emphasis is on both the practical considerations of studying in the UK and the pastoral care that is also an integral part of the experience. For more information, you can call us today on 0203 515 8880 or visit our website at to browse our range of guardianship packages.