Boarding School Guardians – Coping With Going Off To Boarding School

Boarding school guardians are there to support your child as they transition from home to boarding school. While boarding provides an excellent opportunity for academic and social learning, it is not without its difficulties. This is especially true for children who are new to the whole boarding experience, and to the country itself.

Boarding schools provide the best possible education by allowing your child to study and grow in an academic environment, surrounded by classmates and teachers. But your child can also find going away to boarding school difficult. Academic guardian organisations will provide an education guardian to support your child every step of the way and to deal with specific problems as they arise. One of the most common problems is homesickness. Your child’s guardian can ensure that they have sufficient mobile phone top ups to call home regularly. They can also arrange with the school, especially for young children, to use online video apps to speak to family face to face. The guardian will also see your child at least once a term to check on their progress, highlight any problems that need to be brought to the school’s attention and then feed back to you. It is not just a service that young children need either, even older students find being away from home for a long period of time difficult for the first time. Luckily, a university guardian will support them in a similar, but age-appropriate manner.

You can find boarding school guardians you can trust at Academic Guardians UK. We are an AEGIS accredited organisation providing only the best support and care for your child’s transition to boarding school life. Find out more by going to our website You can also phone 0203 515 8880, or send an email to with any questions you might have.