College Consultant – Getting The Best For Your Child

College consultant – having one is vital to ensure that your child reaches their potential by attending the right course at the right place. If you are considering sending your child to complete post-16 education in the UK, then a further education college may be the right answer. But how can you be sure?

In general, education is compulsory in the UK until the age of 16. After this age, children to the age of 18 must either be in work, further education or training, depending on what their skills and interests are best suited to. If your child has already completed their basic education within the UK, then they are most likely to go on to their school’s sixth-form. But if this is not right for them, or they are coming over at 16 to begin their education in the UK, you can use the services of an education guardian to ensure they get the right continuing education. They will be able to provide information on the range of curriculums and programmes that are run by colleges across the UK, from continuing on to A Levels, to taking alternative educational routes such as practical NVQs. As well as supporting you and your child in your choice, the education consultant will provide support during the application process, ensuring that they have the best possible chance of success. You can also arrange for the support to continue throughout your child’s time at college, ensuring that they get the very best and most fulfilling experience possible.

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