Education Consultant - Offering The Best Care For Foreign Students

Education consultant companies across the UK offer a variety of services to ensure that foreign pupils studying in the UK have access to the support they need. The best of these companies are AEGIS accredited and will provide superb education guardian services to you and your child throughout their period of study. There are numerous aspects to typical guardianship packages so it’s worth knowing which ones are considered core services and those which are more specialist. In this way, you can make an informed decision about services that your child needs and choose the right guardianship organisation to help deliver them.

An Education Guardian And Their Primary Responsibilities

When you appoint an education consultant for your child’s period of study you usually expect certain types and levels of service. For instance, one of the primary reasons parents wish to choose a reputable organisation is so that their child has access to emergency contacts in the UK for medical emergencies and other problems. There’s little worse than being thousands of miles away from your child and being unable to help them if something goes wrong. Education consultants can ease your worries in this respect. Your child will always have access to 24 hour support if something happens. Another typical benefit of educational consultant firms is that they will provide fully-vetted host families for your child’s stay in the UK. This will incorporate running legal checks on the families involved, ensuring it’s as close to your child’s school or university as possible and then monitoring the pupil whilst they are staying with the host family. Again, this offers invaluable peace of mind to a parent sending their child to study abroad. In addition, transportation is usually dealt with. This can include booking tickets for planes, trains and coaches, organising airport transfers and dealing with arrangements for transportation to school and host families. Finally, welfare services are a vital component of guardianship organisations and university guardian. Good companies will participate in regular contact with students, parents, schools and host families to ensure that your child is settling in and progressing well. They know that only when a student feels completely comfortable and secure will they excel academically and these organisations strive to help them achieve their potential.

What Extras Can Educational Consultant Companies Offer?

Alongside basic services you expect from an academic consultant, there are numerous extra services that both parents and students may appreciate. These range from guidance to additional practical support that can ease the burden of studying in a foreign country. For example, they can attend parents’ evenings on your behalf and help source learning support tutors if your child is struggling and needs additional help during the holidays. It can also be difficult to navigate certain aspects of British life, especially at the beginning of a term of study when a student may be overwhelmed by the differences in culture and the new relationships they are forming with peers and host families. Some educational consultant companies provide extra services to combat this, including purchasing of school uniform and managing pocket money for your child. In addition, they can assist with miscellaneous purchases such as laptops and sports equipment, where there may be language barriers. Something else they can do is to provide assistance with extra-curricular activities that your child may wish to participate in. The best guardianship organisations recognise that leaving home to study in the UK is a momentous occasion and they also understand that every single student is an individual and should be treated as such. There will be no conveyor belt or tick-box mentality and your family will be treated as the priority in every conceivable situation. One company that holds such an ethos is Academic Guardians UK. They supply educational guardians across the UK and are AEGIS accredited.

Academic Guardians UK - Providing You With A Professional Education Consultant

At Academic Guardians UK, we guarantee that your child’s welfare is at the heart of everything we do and we recognise that no two children are the same. That’s why we offer a range of packages to suit the needs of your child. When we provide an education consultant to your family, you can be assured that you will receive the level of service you rightfully demand for your child. Everything that we will do for you and your child will be clearly established, along with any extra services you may require. Call today on 0203 515 8880, or visit our website at for more info on our education guardian services.