Education Consultants – Why Do You Need Them?

Education consultants are independent consultants that are a requirement for children coming to study at boarding school in the UK, while their parents remain out of the country. However, far from being a bureaucratic requirement, they really do provide vital services that aid in supporting your child’s education.

These consultants help parents and students with educational planning, choosing the right school, filling in applications and preparing the child for what is often a major transition. This is only half of the role they fulfil. An education guardian will also support your child throughout their school career, ensuring that they remain safe, happy, well cared for and that they are progressing with their academic and social education. One of the reasons an education consultant can be useful when you are choosing a new school for your child is the level of knowledge they have about the different schools and their strengths. It goes without saying that it is incredibly important to make the right choices regarding your child’s education. You might think it is a simple question of looking at the top ranking schools and making a decision based on the numbers. However, when it comes to children, nothing is necessarily ever that simple. No two children are the same and neither are their needs. Your guardian will be able to suggest schools based on the individual characteristics and interests of your child, as well as their knowledge of the individual schools. Once at the chosen school, the guardian will visit on a termly basis to ensure that the school remains the first choice and most effective school for your child.

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