Education Guardian - For Security And Peace Of Mind

Education guardian providers have multiplied in number in recent years. These companies offer security when children are sent to study in the UK and, as the popularity of this option has increased, so too have the number of companies offering guardianship services. It can be difficult to know which providers are the most reliable and what benefits you can expect from one of these trusted services. Before you select an education guardian for your child, be sure to investigate the company you’re considering carefully. Knowing what to expect and how these arrangements function will be vitally important to you in the future.

What Are The Benefits Of An Education Consultant?

It’s a requirement that international students who study at independent schools in the UK must have a UK-based education guardian. It’s also recommended that all international students have this contact point available too, whether in basic or more complex packages. Naturally, parents wish to appoint the best education consultant possible for their child while they are studying in a foreign country. These students have special needs that set them apart from typical pupils. For instance, they will require access to help in emergency situations, and they’ll also need host families, assistance with transportation and academic support. Some educational consultant companies will provide all of this, allowing peace of mind for parents and children alike. It can be an intimidating experience to travel and study in another country and the best education consultants recognise this. They treat every child as an individual and there should be no attempt to offer worthless services that won’t enhance a student’s experiences in the UK. Every decision should prioritise the student’s safety and wellbeing whilst studying in the UK. In addition, knowledge of both the typical and unusual needs of pupils is vital for the relationship between an academic guardian and student to be successful.

Why Choose An Accredited AEGIS Guardianship Provider?

The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS) accredits education guardian organisations, allowing parents to choose a company with confidence. They offer accredited status to dozens of student guardianship companies, ensuring they conform to current child care legislation and follow a strict code of practice. This code includes accordance with legal guardianship rules, but also includes attending to pastoral needs and maintaining lines of emergency contact 24 hours a day for students. Choosing accredited AEGIS guardianship gives parents and pupils peace of mind. Not only does it highlight an expected level of care and attendance, it also offers grievance procedures if things go wrong. Their accreditation process is rigorous so if a company has AEGIS accreditation then they have truly earned it. It’s an important part of choosing the best guardianship company for your child. Due to Department of Education and Social Service recommendations, many private schools in the UK will only recommend accredited AEGIS organisations in order to ensure the security and safety of the child. For instance, if a pupil under the age of 16 is staying with a host family for more than 28 consecutive days then the family must be registered as a foster family with the local Social Services.

Choices With Guardianships - Boarding And Host Families

Many private schools in the UK have boarding facilities. This means that your guardianship agency will provide services that enable your child to settle into their new environment. These include transportation services, booking tickets and regular liaison with the school to ensure everything is going well. If there are no boarding facilities at the school, then a guardianship company will find an approved host family for your child close to their school. This is also the case for infrequent weekends and holidays during the academic year where they may be required to leave the school grounds. Guardianships ensure that all host families are carefully assessed for their suitability. They will be checked against the records of both the Children’s Safeguarding Authority and the Disclosure and Barring Scheme to demonstrate that the family is suitable to host your child. The location of the host family will ideally be as close to the school as possible, thereby reducing travel costs and time, and the families will have an interest in your child that stretches beyond simply offering them a room. Students will be encouraged to participate in activities with their host family, providing them with a more socially fulfilling stay in the UK.

The Differences With A University Guardian

While there are laws regulating students in the UK under the age of 18, these rules generally no longer apply when a student has attained this age. That means that university students may not have appointed student guardians. However, there are benefits for all pupils in having the security of a university guardian. For instance, they supply a point of contact for emergency situations that can be extremely valuable in a foreign country where a student may not understand or interpret situations correctly. Guardians can support medical arrangements and help deal with university suspension arrangements. In addition, it’s likely that university students will still need to utilise a host family for portions of their stay in the UK and guardianship organisations can facilitate this. They can also assist with airport transfers and other transportation issues that may be intimidating to foreign students of any age. While it’s understandable that parents wish to give older children more flexibility in their university experience, an education guardian can remove the burden of practical considerations and allow your child to focus entirely on their studies. Academic Guardians UK provide guardianship services to ensure your peace of mind when sending your child to study in the UK.

Academic Guardians UK - Providing An Education Guardian For Your Child

At Academic Guardians UK, we understand the importance of superb guardianship services. We offer a selection of packages and extras that will ensure your child’s smooth academic experience in the UK at competitive rates. Our aim is to support you and your child through what we hope will be a rewarding period of study and we pride ourselves on our levels of service and support. We’re fully AEGIS accredited so when we supply an education guardian for your family you know you’re receiving a comprehensive and trustworthy service. For more information, call on 0203 515 8880 or visit our website at