Education Guardianship – Why It’s Still Important At University Level

Education guardianship is essential for under eighteens who are coming to Britain to study. However, just because you have turned eighteen, doesn’t mean you don’t need support too. An education guardian could be just what you need, should things not go quite as planned.

Whether you have already decided to come to a school in England or are still undecided, one of the elements that your education guardian can help with is choosing the right university to suit your skills and ambitions. They can also help arrange either onsite accommodation for you through the university, or aid you in finding supportive private accommodation close to the university, possibly with a host family if that best suits your individual needs. Of course, for most people the university experience is a positive one, but things do on occasion go wrong; you can feel homesick, become ill, get injured, or simply lose your way in a new environment. This is where support services are crucial: no matter what the problem, they are at the end of the phone 24 hrs a day for the entirety of your time at university. They can also be there should problems arise within the university that call for you to have representation, or a greater understanding of the system. When you decide to come to Britain and find a guardian to support you, it is important that you find the right one to provide the level of service you need. The best way to do this is to ensure that the company offers accredited AEGIS guardianship.

Academic Guardians UK is such an organisation that holds an AEGIS certificate. We provide the most trustworthy education guardianship in the country and can be there at every stage of your university journey. Find out more about the different package levels we offer by going to