Educational Guardianship – What Is A Host Family?

Educational guardianships is a required step for families wishing to send their children to study in the UK while they live outside of the country. But this is more than a question of paperwork, a good guardian is there to provide your child with the support they require. Part of this is finding a host family, but what does that mean?

Host families play an important role in supporting children attending boarding school in the UK while their parents live in a different country. Their most essential role is to provide a place for your child to stay when they are not at boarding school. This will be during half term or off weekends. The host family are not the guardians of your children; their names will not be on the paperwork, but they are arranged through an education guardian and play a supportive role. But, they are obviously much more than a place to stay. Host families are usually carefully chosen by guardians to make sure that they provide emotional and academic support for your child. They should also be monitored throughout the duration by the guardianship agency. Often children form quite an emotional bond with, what is essentially their family while they are staying in the UK. They can go on trips together, take outings to the cinema, to the beach or to go shopping. This is of course a fantastic opportunity for your child to practice their language skills and to gain a real insight into British culture. So it is important that you find guardianships that provide good host families.

We find the best host family to suit your child at Academic Guardians UK. We then provide a regular monitoring service to make sure everything is going well and that your child is settling in perfectly. If you want to know more about our educational guardianship services, please go to