Foreign Student Guardian – Best Universities In The UK

Foreign student guardian: having one is not a requirement for entry into a UK university or college. However, it is certainly advisable for a smooth transition and a more rounded experience of university campus life. The presence of, and interaction with, a good guardian is one thing that makes universities in the UK among the best.

UK universities are really interested in attracting more international learners to study with them. But it is a mutual relationship, and British universities have a great deal to offer the overseas student. One of the things that an education guardian can do is match universities with the right individuals. Through contact and finding out more about the prospective student before they arrive, or even apply to the establishment, a guardian can ensure that the places they are interested in attending have everything that the student requires. This could range from language support to social groups that interest the student; access to faith based groups, or places of worship. The communication between the university guardian and the institution will also aid in ensuring that suitable accommodation is found, with a host family if required, or suitable shared college accommodation. Once the student arrives, the guardian will work with the college to overcome any settling-in difficulties and attend meetings with the student should the need arise. In the early days, they may even provide additional support for the student, such as showing them around the local area, explaining new customs, and providing budgeting support.

At Academic Guardians UK, we provide top quality guardianship for foreign students coming to study at some of the UK’s best campuses. If you are interested in letting us become your foreign student guardian, why not go to our website at to see the packages that are available. Alternatively, call us on 0203 515 8880 and we will answer any questions you or your parents have.