Guardian Education Schools – Finding The Right Guardian For Your Child

Guardian education schools: what are they? All boarding schools that take on international students are required to ensure that the child has an education guardian to look after their best interests. But how, as a parent, do you choose between all of the guardianship companies that are available? Here are a few tips to help you choose wisely.

When on the search for the best boarding school for your child, you most likely checked out the school website, looked at reviews online and asked for personal recommendations. You may have also double-checked all of their documentation, licences and reports to ensure that they were up to date and providing a high level of education. The same approach is essential when you are looking for the right in-country support for your child. The best organisation available for providing care and support for your children are registered as AEGIS guardianship providers. Being registered with AEGIS means they uphold that organisation’s stringent criteria in order to provide the best possible service. Once you have narrowed your list to only include such companies, it is time to start looking at reviews and asking for personal recommendations. It is also important to contact your chosen companies direct to ensure that they can offer the support your child needs at a package you can afford. Discuss their specific requirements, such as accommodation, travel, emergency cover, and aspects such as books and equipment purchasing before you make a final decision. Remember this company will provide the individual who will in essence take your place for your child’s time at school.

Academic Guardians UK is just such an AEGIS accredited organisation. We have professionals who can help you find the right guardian education schools for you, and provide the best quality of care while your child is studying here. Visit for details of our service packages or email with any questions you might have.