Guardian Education UK – Do I Need An Academic Guardian For My Child At University?

Guardian education UK based is certainly necessary for younger children. If your child is of school age and you are sending them to a boarding school in the UK, they are required to have an academic guardian. But if they are going to university in Britain, will they still need one?

While a guardian is not a requirement at this school stage, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. Going to university, your child might feel like they have completely grown up. But you still have a duty of care, especially if you are funding their studies. This is doubly true if they are going abroad to study. Even at this age, they may find the adjustment to a new country difficult. That’s where an education guardian can come in useful; helping your son or daughter settle into their new university and new way of life. If anything goes wrong at university, your university guardian will be there, equipped with expert knowledge to assess and find a solution to any difficulty. Sorting out administration problems can be a nightmare if you are based remotely and don’t necessarily have a working knowledge of the British university system. Having a guardian to help with such matters is an easy solution. A guardian can also help arrange transport for visits to and from university, taking another weight off your mind. If you are keen to keep an eye on your son or daughter, a guardian can perform the essential role of keeping in touch with the university, and communicating your son or daughter’s progress back to you.

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