Guardian Primary Education – A Guardian for Your Child at Primary School

Guardian primary education wise, boarding schools in the UK require international children, such as your child, to have an academic guardian resident in this country. Given their young age, you will want them to be looked after as well as they would be at home.

The UK is famous for its universities and higher education institutes. But it also has some fantastic primary schools. That’s why many international parents desire their children to study overseas here in the UK. A great education is important, but while your child is so young, it is also important that they are well looked after. Boarding schools require parents to allocate a UK based guardian, and most international parents choose to do this through an AEGIS guardianship certified independent guardian. You might have family or friends in the UK willing to perform this service, but there is always the danger they might consider it too much of an imposition, or that they might be uncontactable in an emergency. With an education guardian, you know that you are getting a completely reliable service that comes with lots of added benefits. You should look for a service that will arrange everything from your child’s health care, to emergency contact availability, and sorting out books and uniform. At primary school, your child is taking their first important steps in their education, and they need all the support they can get. Arranging a reliable guardian for them is essential for their academic and emotional support.

At Academic Guardians UK, we supply just these services, providing all the very best support for your young child while they study in the UK. To find a guardian primary education, go to our website, . You can also call us on 0203 515 8880, or email with any questions you have about any aspect of our service or guardianship in general.