Guardian Schools – All the Support Your Child Needs

Guardian schools take care of your child when you send them to study in the UK. However, in addition to the school, they also require an education guardian to act as their personal guardian in case of emergency. But these guardians are usually much more than just an emergency contact.

When sending your children to live in the UK, boarding schools require you to find a guardian actually living in the UK. To solve this problem, many international parents pay for AEGIS guardianship, through a company approved by the organisation AEGIS. Guardians sourced this way are more than a name on a piece of paper that states they will be there in an emergency. And what’s more, you should find that a good service that goes far beyond this, providing academic and well-being support for your child. A good guardian should work hard alongside the school to make sure that your child is not only fulfilling their academic potential, but is happy, and well both physically and emotionally. During term time, they should be in continuous contact with the school, monitoring your child’s progress and reporting back to you, the parent. You should also make sure to find an option whereby the guardian visits your child face to face. This will give them an opportunity to talk to your child, not only reinforcing support for them, but doubly checking whether they are truly safe and well. Ideally you should find a guardian that will visit your child at least once during term time.

At Academic Guardians UK, we visit your child personally at least once per term, and give our 100% in supporting the well-being of your child at their guardian schools. Just go to our website to see for yourself. You can also phone 0203 515 8880, or email with any queries.