Guardianship Agency – Your Host Family

Guardianship agency; when you decide to send your child to the UK to study, it is the job of such an agency to ensure the wellbeing of your child. Part of this service is finding a great host family for them. But once they have found a host family that suits your child, what do they do to ensure that everything continues to go well?

Finding a host family is undoubtedly one of the most important roles an education guardian performs. Studying abroad in the UK is absolutely fantastic for your child’s future, but it is not always easy adjusting to a new school, let alone a whole new country. That is why the support offered by a host family is essential to your child’s education. Once a host family has been found, what do guardianships do to ensure the continued success of the pairing? Firstly, they encourage your children to participate as much as possible with the life of the host family. They will be there during half terms and off-weekends, so getting to know the host family provides a great opportunity to practice their English language skills and enhance their knowledge of British culture, as well as having fun. A good guardianship agency will provide the host family with a ‘Student Information Form’ detailing all the information about the student, prior to their arrival. They then receive a handbook that provides additional support and the answers to any questions they might have. They will also receive a 24-hour contact number and will be fully supported by the guardianship service, throughout the duration of your child’s stay.

Academic Guardians UK prides itself on finding the best hosts for your child and making sure that the relationship goes well; providing all the support we can to ensure it is a success. We also pride ourselves on being a fantastic AEGIS approved guardianship agency. If you want more information, just go to or send an email to