Guardianship Company – Making Arrangements for Transport

Guardianship company: one of these will be central to your child’s experience of studying in the UK. A big problem when sending your child to study abroad is what to do when term ends and your child can’t stay at boarding school. A guardian company can make travel arrangements, so you don’t need to worry about your child’s safety and happiness.

Schools in the UK split the year into three terms. But a term is a long time if you are studying hard at school, so most schools also split these terms into half again, giving the children a week-long half term in the middle. During this time, teachers will also enjoy a holiday, so where does your child go? Guardianships arranged through professional organisations can ensure that your child has a host family to go to and to enjoy the half term with. But what about travel arrangements? Although most host families live close to the child’s school, very young children may still require support and transport to get to them safely and this is not easy for you to arrange from a different country. Your child’s guardian will organise the necessary arrangements to get them to and from the host family without you having to worry about the arrangements or their safety. This also applies for the times that your child comes back home. Your education guardian can also deal with these long-haul travel problems. It is part of their remit to book flights, coach, or train travel and to ensure that your child gets to their destination in good time.

Academic Guardians UK can make sure that your child reaches their destination safely by making proper travel arrangements and booking all necessary tickets. We are an AEGIS approved guardianship company and have been proven to provide the best support for international children studying in the UK. Go to to find out more.