Guardianship For International Student – What Happens When School Is Out?

Guardianship for international student - finding the right guardian is one of the crucial steps in enrolling your child for study at a boarding school. There are many big questions when you first elect to send your child to study in the UK. One of these is, what happens when your child can’t be at school?

At UK schools, the year is split up into terms. The exact dates will differ from area to area and between the state and the independent school sector; however, you can expect the school year to be divided up into three sections. In between these sections are holidays lasting anything from a few weeks to a much longer break in the summer. During these times, your child may journey home with the support of their education guardian. But there are also shorter holidays and weekends, when schools routinely close. During these periods, the guardianships organisation looking after your child will need to find alternative arrangements for your child. These arrangements most commonly take the form of a stay with a host family. The family provide a home away from home. Your child is encouraged to become a member of the family and to take part in activities together while they are there. This could involve anything from helping walk the dog to playing board games and going on days out. Part of the guardian’s role is to ensure families wishing to become hosts are properly vetted and prepared, and that they continually provide a warm, welcoming and stimulating environment for your child. If necessary, the guardian will also ensure that additional tutoring is provided during these holiday periods to ensure that your child’s level of education and understanding continues to develop.

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