Guardianship For School Purposes – Why Do You Need An Academic Guardian?

Guardianship for school purposes is something you will need to think about if you are considering sending your child to a UK boarding school while you remain out of the country. It’s true to say that Britain has some of the best schools in the world. But what is guardianship all about?

British boarding schools have a world-wide reputation for excellence. But it isn’t always easy to give your child the best education. One of the stumbling blocks to getting your child into a good boarding school might be the idea of having to find an education guardian. All British boarding schools require overseas parents to appointment a guardian for their children. This is for the simple reason that the schools need someone who can be relied upon to respond immediately to emergencies and difficulties, and be generally responsible for your child. Obviously, you yourself would like to fulfil this role, but if you are working and living hundreds of miles away, that is not always easy. If you are not in the same country, you cannot be called upon to arrive instantly. That is where guardianships come in. While you can appoint anyone who meets the requirements to be a guardian, friends and family members are not always best choices. The best guardians are those that come from guardianship agencies, and who can be relied upon to take responsibility in difficult situations. They are also there to provide general support for the child’s academic performance and their well-being. They can keep in constant contact with both the school and you, to make sure that your child is safe, happy and that their education is going well.

Academic Guardians UK provide a top class guardianship for school purposes. You can trust us to be there in case of emergency, but also to play an active role throughout your child’s study, helping and supporting them. Find out more by going to, or calling us on 0203 515 8880.