Guardianship Services – Finding A Host Family For Your Child

Guardianship services can offer a lot to you and your child. They are a requirement of boarding schools in the UK, but they also offer much more. An academic guardian provides your child with a caring environment while they are studying in the UK as well as finding a host family for them during the holidays.

An education guardian is more than just a name on a piece of paper that allows your child to attend boarding school in the UK. It is also their job to foster a caring and supportive environment for your child while they are in the UK. Leaving your home and finding your feet in a new country is not always easy. Of course, the high standard of education in the UK makes it worth it, but that doesn’t make adjusting to a strange country any easier. A large part of the service that guardianships offer is the finding of host families for your child. A host family will look after your child during half term and at off-weekends. They won’t be at boarding school every single day of the year, and when they are not, it is important that they are looked after well. Good guardianship organisations will offer your child a range of choice to suit his or her tastes. They should have a range of hosts on their books, from those living in town houses to more rural accommodations. The location should be entirely dependent on your choice, but it is of course wise to choose somewhere close to the child’s place of study.

Academic Guardians UK offers fantastic guardianship services. We are meticulous about choosing the right host for you, and have quite a range of possible options to accommodate your preferences. Find out more by going to our website,, or by emailing your questions to