Guardianships To Give Parents Security

Guardianships are an integral part of the UK study experience for many foreign pupils. An education guardian will act as a point of contact for both pupils and parents, organising things such as emergency care, travel and dealing with any additional pastoral issues. One of their most important duties is to provide suitable host families for your child while they are in the UK. This can take the form of full-time accommodation or simply providing holiday accommodation during breaks from boarding school. Either way, this is a vital function of an academic guardian and is one of the primary reasons why you should choose your guardianship organisation with care.

How An Education Guardian Will Protect Your Child’s Welfare

When a guardianship agency vets a potential host family, they put them through a series of rigorous checks to ensure their suitability. This process includes checking the records of the Disclosure and Barring Scheme to assess whether there are any reasons why your child should not be placed in their care. During the checks, the Children’s Safeguarding Authority records will also be consulted. It’s usual for professional and personal references to be seen to demonstrate suitability, and the host family will be visited in their home environment to ensure it is both comfortable and safe. Reputable guardianship and Aegis guardianship services recognise the value of the processes that allow them to place children in safe and secure host families. They will usually provide extensive information to all parties involved to guarantee that everyone knows the levels of service and expectations placed on them. They will also check on your child periodically to ensure that the living environment is proving to be comfortable. Where your child is placed will depend on several practical considerations. For instance, it is obviously preferable to have them situated as close to the school as possible. This will limit the amount of travel time your child has and, equally, reduce the costs of this travel time. However, this may not always be an option and good guardianship agencies will always explain why. Equally, the type of house your child is placed in will be dictated to by circumstances. You should, however, be able to state preferences on this aspect before the search begins. As ever, your requirements and your child’s needs should be at the centre of the process.

School Guardianship: What You Can Expect From Host Families

For a child, travelling to a foreign country in order to study can be a difficult experience. They need to know that they will be completely safe and will have a contact that can help them with any problems. Both the student and their parents need to trust any host family they are connected to and it must provide an environment where the child will thrive academically. However, there is more to guardianships than this. Reputable companies who supply educational guardianship recognise that studying in the UK can be a brilliant experience for the child in a way that stretches beyond academia. For this reason, your child will be encouraged to take part in activities with their host families, whether that’s a trip to the cinema or a visit to a sporting event or museum. Good host families want to ensure your child has an overall positive experience of the UK and will go out of their way to make them feel included in their household. This provides invaluable peace of mind to parents who don’t wish to send their child alone to a lonely location where their welfare may suffer. A good school guardianship scheme will make sure that host families provide internet access to facilitate regular contact between children and their parents. Studying in the UK is as much about cultural understanding, and this works both ways. Many host families are eager to learn about other cultures and will offer your child a hearty welcome. Academic Guardians UK an accredited organisation who provide guardianships in the UK.

Academic Guardians UK: Guardianships You Can Rely Upon

At Academic Guardians UK, we are aware of the great trust parents put in us every day. When you select an education guardian for your child you need to be assured that you are choosing the very best organisation available and we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations. Our guardianships locate the most suitable host families for your child and consult with you every step of the way. As a fully-accredited AEGIS provider, we will offer you exceptional service through your child’s period of study. Call us today to speak to someone directly or visit our website at