Higher Education Guardian – A Guide to UK University Terminology

Higher education guardian: part of their role is to help your child settle into their chosen university, and look after them while they are there. An education guardian can help you with a range of things, from arranging host families to ticket booking. The UK system can be mystifying, so let’s look at a few common terms.

When applying for higher education in the UK, it can really help to have an education guardian there to assist you to find the right university and with making a successful application. Language barriers and the differences between the UK’s education system and the one you are used to can be one source of common confusion. Guardian services can help you decipher terms you might not have come across before and explain what they mean in relation to your UCAS application. For example, if you have not grown up in the UK, you might not know whether you have the equivalent qualifications to GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) taken by students aged 14-16 in Britain. Understanding the difference between undergraduate and postgraduate or MA (Master of Arts) is another confusing example. The use of the term MA to also mean an undergraduate degree studied at one of the UK’s many ancient universities, like Cambridge or Oxford can add to the problems of finding the right course. These are just a few of the abbreviations used in further and higher education. It can be bewildering, but having access to AEGIS guardianship means you won’t have to worry. A good guardian will be able to explain these terms and more.

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