School Guardianship – Finding A Holiday Tutor

School guardianship is essential if you have decided to send your child to a boarding school in the UK. You clearly already care a lot about their education, but what about keeping up their studying during half term and out of school hours? For that you need a holiday tutor. If you are miles away, the best way to arrange this is through your guardian.

Education is incredibly important; we all know this already. One of the best ways to really improve your child’s academic performance is through hiring a tutor. This can be tricky to arrange remotely, particularly if you are in another country. But if your child is at boarding school, you will need an education guardian anyway. The best guardianships offer many additional services for you and your child, and they should be able to arrange a holiday tutor. Obviously the school they will go to will be excellent, but there is nothing compared to one on one tutoring. In this way, a good tutor can take the time to create a specific study plan for your child, so that they can aid in fulfilling their potential. Many parents find that private tuition works wonders for academic performance at school. A private tutor will not only enhance understanding and provide a supplemental education, they can also really boost your child’s confidence at school. This is because their abilities will have been finely tuned while other children have been forgetting all they have learnt while on holiday. A good guardian will have the experience and expertise to find you a fantastic holiday tutor.

Academic Guardians UK is one such guardian organisation. We provide the best guardianship service, and we can certainly arrange a fantastic holiday tutor for your child. To find out more about our school guardianship offers, you can go to, or call 0203 515 8880 for any specific questions you may have.