Student Guardianship – Arranging Transport For Students

Student guardianship and finding the right guardian can make a big difference to how a school child or university student experiences their time in the United Kingdom. There are various roles played by those who become guardians, all of which are essential to the welfare of the individual. One of these roles involves arranging transport.

Whether you are five, eighteen or anywhere in between, arriving in a new country for the first time is a scary proposition. This is particularly true if you are travelling alone. On arrival, an education guardian can arrange to meet you at the airport and travel to the school or university with the young person. If they don’t do this themselves, they may be able to have a member of the new host family to do this instead. If travel is required during term time, for example to and from medical appointments, between campuses, or to visit other family in the UK then this can be arranged through an AEGIS guardianship company as well. Getting home, either for the holidays or at the end of their time at school is just as important and guardians will make travel arrangements, including booking flights and arranging travel to the airport. Again, younger children will generally be accompanied throughout to ensure their safety. While schools and universities deal with the actual arrangements for travel for field trips and the like, the guardian will be there to aid with any additional payments that are required, particularly for school-aged children. This is done from the same budget that items such as uniform and books are purchased.

Academic Guardians UK is an acclaimed student guardianship organisation that is accredited by AEGIS. We can certainly arrange train and airplane tickets for your children and/ or yourself as part of the service packages we offer. To find out more go to, or email, if you have specific questions or queries.