Prior to hosting for Academic Guardians, all families are carefully assessed for their suitability and are checked against the records of the Disclosure and Barring Scheme and the Children’s Safeguarding Authority. We ask for professional and personal references and visit families in their home environment, ensuring the best possible care for your child. Homes can range from town houses to large rural dwellings according to a student’s preference. Their location is largely dependent upon parents or student preference although we do try to find host families that are situated as close to the students school as possible therefore minimising travel time and costs. 

Our Host families treat their students as members of their family and provide a safe home during half terms and out-weekends. We encourage our students to participate in their host family outings and activities. Typical activities include cinema, days out to the beach, shopping and various sporting activities. All our families enjoy the company of young people from different countries. They spend time helping them to develop their English language skills and knowledge of British culture. All our host families are asked to provide internet access to help communication between parents and children and encourage learning.

To maintain our exceptionally high standards host families are provided with a ‘Student Information Form’ detailing all the necessary and relevant information about the student prior to their arrival. A Host Family handbook is given to the host families to provide additional help and support from Academic and a 24 hour emergency contact number. This handbook is used to cover all frequently asked questions and more regarding hosting one of our students.

We hope that hosting an international student is a rewarding and fun experience for both student and host family. It enables different cultures to be brought together giving each the opportunity to learn and understand a little more about the world we live in and develop from their interaction with each other.

This is one of many comments received from one of our host families:

“We thoroughly enjoy having our student, as a family we have learnt so much from him. The children enjoy repeating the few words that they now know in Cantonese and I have been taught how to cook ‘Real’ Chinese food. We have learnt so much about the Chinese culture we look forward to visiting China one day.”

Academic Guardians have provided superior services for our children since August 2014. Naturally, as a parent one is accustomed to leading the way with respect to making arrangements, updating the school, speaking to Administration, teachers and the like. We live 5,000 miles away and this becomes difficult because of the distance, but having Academic Guardians at the task, they have proven to be efficiently capable of providing all parental support. Thanks to Andrew, Dawn and Shelley, our children have been well cared for and you could not ask for a better selection of host parents founded through the Academic host family system. Academics Guardians is the BEST!!!!
– Emrick and Deann (Parent, Bahamas)