Academic Guardians are a guardianship company that pride themselves on supporting you and your child’s needs throughout their UK education experience. Our approach is to establish strong trusting relationships with all the stakeholders involved – you, your child/children, the school and their house parents and the appointed host families. Thus instilling a safe and nurturing environment for your child to develop, succeed and mature whilst studying in the UK under our guardianship.

Our ‘your child at the heart of everything we do’ is embedded into the culture of Academic Guardians, driven by the passion and commitment that the directors, Dawn & Andrew Kettle, express in their everyday activities.

Without compromise, the first priority is always the student’s safety, wellbeing and development. Andrew’s background as an Education Advisor, tutor, teacher, instructor and coach brings extensive knowledge and understanding of child development both in and out of school. His insight and understanding of the complexity of a student’s needs at any point in their educational path provides a great deal of reassurance to both the student and the parents.

Dawn’s background in quality assurance is a great benefit to the company.  Having previously taken companies through the ISO 9001 & AEGIS accreditation process her in-depth knowledge and understanding of best practice & quality assurance is the platform from which the company can, at all times, ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children under Academic’s care.

And if that wasn’t enough you can also be reassured that Dawn & Andrew and their experienced team are at all times amenable and contactable just like you are as parents for your children 🙂

You have been most amazing thank you so much for everything. It means the world to me that you will be there for Zia as she needs. Fortunately, she has settled in so happily into her dorm and The Leys School takes such good care of their students. My many, many thanks to you and your staff for all that you do.
– Elizabeth Walther (Parent, USA)

Following our recent inspection we are pleased to announce Academic Guardians UK is now a fully accredited member of AEGIS,  (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students).  Both Directors Dawn and Andrew Kettle would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and continued positive feedback.

“Academic Guardians U.K. acts in the best interests and well-being of all students. It receives strong support from students, overseas parents, schools and host families.” Eric Needham (Lead Inspector)

AEGIS is the authoritative association for inspecting and accrediting UK guardianship organisations. This is in accordance with a strict code of practice and current child care legislation.

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