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Academic ‘REACH’

The Academic 'REACH' program (Remote Education Academic Coaching Help) is designed to support through an additional remote method of engagement with our students and parents where possible. Our intention, with the parents’ help, will be to set a recurring calendar appointment for a remote mentoring & wellbeing session, whereby your child/children will have the opportunity to reflect and discuss with our Education Director their accomplishments, challenges and concerns that they may be experiencing and or need help with. As parents you will have the opportunity to be a part of this meeting, either for the entirety or within a scheduled period of the meeting, maintaining the shared understanding and helping in objective setting.
We feel our REACH programme will allow us to help reinforce the development of longstanding and trusting relationships with parents and their children.
Academic REACH has been designed to provide:
  • an opportunity to visually meet with the Education Director and set goals & objectives for the academic & wellbeing mentoring programme
  • a personal, interactive, engaging and innovative experience
  • the reassurance of knowing there is someone there to help and advise you and your children throughout their UK Education experience.
REACH is available to all our AGUK students & parents and we actively encourage the students to timetable the ongoing REACH sessions into their e-calendar.
Academic REACH uses Microsoft Teams, which many students are familiar with having used it within their school environment. It enables us to arrange online face to face meetings with parents and their children on a regular basis. Allowing us to create a supportive environment, where we can track and monitor academic and wellbeing progress through in-depth conversations.

Communicate & Stay in touch

So that we may successfully support you and your child/children as Education Guardians we actively encourage you to engage with our social media platforms and stay in communication with us as we reach out to you. You have, as detailed below several options to suit your comfort and preference. All of the logos are linked directly to our Academic Guardians UK accounts so do take the time now to link up with us – We’d be delighted to hear from you!