Guardian host families are carefully selected based on a number of criteria. They must be assessed in terms of suitability to host, inspected and undergo police (DBS) and social services checks as well as provide a professional and personal reference. In addition to an annual visit where a risk assessment is carried out both students and host families feedback their experiences after each homestay visit to the Guardian which enables ongoing quality control.


Each child’s individual needs and character, personality and hobbies are taken into account when placing them with a host family so the parents feel secure that their child is safe and cared for. The host family is expected to welcome the child into their home and provide them with a good family atmosphere. They also provide breakfast as well as a family meal in the evening. Host families will also try to make the child as much a part of their family as possible by taking them on day trips and involving them in family activities.


Whilst it is the host family role to provide a safe and friendly environment for the child, the duty of care rests with the Guardian agency whose responsibility it is to make sure that the child is safe and feels welcome in the host family home at all times. This is achieved through the careful selection and placement process and ongoing monitoring.