• End Spring Term – News update

    As the end of Spring term is approaching for all our students, we would like to take the opportunity to wish you a happy holiday and safe flight back home.  To all students taking their GCSEs this year, please don’t forget to try and speak as much English as you can whilst you are back

  • Start Summer Term 2014

    Students will start arriving back to school this week from today (Tuesday) for Summer term.  The next exeat weekend is 2nd /3 rd May to 5th May.  Please get in touch if you would like us to arrange your homestay or transport for that weekend. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Local Co-ordinator Visits

    Our local co-ordinators regularly visit their students whilst they are staying with one of our appointed host families or their schools, in order to build a strong relationship.  Here is our local co-ordinator Lizzie enjoying one of her many student visits to our students studying at schools in the London area.

  • Rain, what rain?

    Who said it’s always raining in the UK? This summer all the shops are running out of fans. Just one of the many ways we are all trying to keep cool!!

  • Plan ahead!

    No sooner does one academic year end, another one begins! 6-8 weeks summer break might sound like a good amount of time but so quickly does the new September term arrive. We are currently working hard to ensure that all our new students’ requirements are in place, ready to take on the challenges of a

  • A Level Results Day

    It’s A Level results day today, we hope you all achieve the results you hoped for. Call us if you need any advice……..

  • Useful Resources

    If you’re planning on arriving in the UK for the first time then it’s well worth checking out the following website http://www.ukcisa.org.uk/. The resource website has a lot of useful information and advice for both parents and students. UKCISA – Home www.ukcisa.org.uk

  • GCSE Results day

    GCSE results day – Best wishes to everyone and remember to call if you need any assistance or advice 🙂

  • Mobile Phones & Bank Accounts

    Have you considered whether you might need your own UK Bank account and mobile phone? Check out the following links for some really useful information on the two subjects: http://www.ukcisa.org.uk/International-Students/When-you-arrive/Opening-a-bank-account/ http://www.cable.co.uk/guides/international-students-calling-abroad

  • Last minute reminders!

    Today is all about last minute reminders – Have you got all your new uniform requirements? Do you have any special dietary requirements that the school might need to know about before you arrive? Have you received your reading list and have you ordered all the reading material you’re going to need? Do you know