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Aims & Principles

Our aim is to:

“assist, support & liaise with international parents’, education agents, students and their UK schools by providing a responsive, efficient guardianship service”.

Our principles are to:

* put ‘your child at the heart of everything we do’

* prioritise the student’s safety, wellbeing and development

* promote an environment of trust, openness communication between students, schools and AGUK guardianship staff and homestay hosts, so that the student welfare, safety and pastoral care is recognised as a top priority

* instil a safe and nurturing environment to enable students/children to develop, succeed and mature whilst studying in the UK, under our guardianship

* provide opportunities for continued training and development of all those representing AGUK

* promote the need for all those who come into contact with AGUK to respect and recognise the diversity of our communities and not to discriminate against others