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The UK is host to some of the finest independent boarding schools in the world. Enabling your child to study at one of these schools is one of the finest opportunities you can offer them as a parent. Sending your child abroad is daunting, as a parent you have a right to worry about their mental and physical well being. UK law also requires that anyone studying in the UK under the age of 18 to have UK Guardian, this is to ensure that the student is well looked after during their stay in the UK.

Often it can be impractical for families to move to the UK for the short duration of their child’s education, this could mean selling homes, moving jobs which could outweigh the benefit of the child’s education in the UK. Boarding schools will house students for most of the year but there are days and weekends when the school is closed and it might not be worth sending the student home, especially if flights are long and expensive.

Boarding and Independent schools may have wonderful wrap around services, but as a parent you may still worry about not being there for your child in between these services.

Academic Guardians UK was formed to bridge the gap between student, school and parents, creating a rounded service that cares for the student’s welfare as well as their academic success. We can support your child through a number of ways, from organising school uniform to placing them with a well matched host family. Other services can include arranging last minute transport, or giving the student pocket money, all of which can be arranged easily and quickly. From the moment your child leaves you, to the moment they are dropped off at school, they will be guided and cared for by professional and kind people.

Host families are carefully selected to ensure that students get the best from their time in the UK. A host family will help students settle in when they are not at school, and immerse them in everyday life and culture whilst their culture and language will be embraced by their host family.

AEGIS (Association of Education and Guardianship of International Students)

As a fully accredited member of AEGIS, Academic Guardians UK is proud to offer a top quality, personal service for each student that complies with the strict code of practice set out by the AEGIS.

Sending your child to study in the one of the many prestigious boarding schools will ensure your child has a bright future ahead of them, but don’t let your worry about guardianship hold them back. Academic Guardians UK is dedicated to providing a top quality guardianship service that ensures happy, and well placed students and excellent communication between all parties involved. If you’re interested in finding out how Academic Guardians UK can help your child start their UK education, why not contact us on +44 (0)203 515 8880.