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University guardian services have increased in popularity over the past few years, as more and more students elect to do their studies abroad. As a student under the age of 18 attending a UK university you will need to appoint a UK guardian. If this applies to your child, you should definitely consider an education guardian, as they will give your child the best chance of settling in well given their in depth knowledge and experience.

Going to university can be daunting enough without having to adapt to a new country and culture. When children have the pressure of getting used to a new place, their studies can sometimes take a backseat because they have so many other things to concern themselves with. Instead of doing their research for class the next day, they end up spending an hour trying to get to grips with the tube system in London. Instead of revising for their upcoming test, they are worrying about money because they are new to the currency and the cost of living in the UK. This is not ideal. You want your child to focus on getting the highest possible grade, and you want them to spend their time settling in and meeting new friends. This is why it is a good idea to consider guardianships. With an Aegis guardianship, you will have someone there who will take care of all of these matters for you child, including booking tickets for trains and coaches, finding the best host family for them, ensuring they settle in well, helping with extra-curricular activities, managing pocket money, and much more. This ensures that all of the little worries that are associated with moving to a new country are taken care of so that your child can focus on their studies.

When you take all of the points that have been mentioned above into account, it is not difficult to see why a university guardian comes so highly recommended. Your child will certainly thank you for it.