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As an AEGIS accredited guardian, we wanted to let you know that we are working hard to provide support and reassurance, through accurate, regular and informed communications, to our students & families, both emotionally and practically. We have provisioned and supported our students (as well as other students in need) with unscheduled homestays during this forthcoming February half-term. Working in close collaboration with schools and homestay host in order to provide the best possible, informed support we are now very much planning for our students and those in need to remain in the UK (as advised and restricted, unable to return home) during the Easter end of term break, where necessary. We are also signposting access to residential activity courses during the holidays, due to the extra demand in accommodation, and are rapidly identifying schools that are contingency planning to remain open during this holiday break.

As we have previously detailed, as education guardians, given these unique circumstances, our homestay hosts are unable to extend their support to provide quarantine for students returning from affected areas.  For further guidance please refer to the latest BSA update, written in conjunction with AEGIS & BAISISBSA-Novel-Coronavirus-Update-February-10-2020.

If in any doubt, or you would like further guidance, please do contact us. We are here to help and support – +442035158880 / +447931954106 / +447823321993 / office@academic-guardians.co.uk