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An early Easter message of support and thanks from the directors Dawn & Andrew #guardianship #safeguarding #intled #internationalstudents

We wanted to express our gratitude to our wider AGUK community for their efforts and reassuringly confirm that our students are either safely at home with family or in the safe care of our homestay hosts. Now as a relative newcomer to Education Guardianship comparative to the established members, we’d like to take a moment to express our indebtedness to AEGIS. As accredited AEGIS members, during the previous 8 years we have seen our movement accelerate forward at tremendous pace raising the bar each year, demanding and expecting more than what was in front of us! Why? For exactly the situation we have been faced with now!

It is no small thanks to AEGIS, the minimum quality standards that they set, their ongoing support and the assurance from the team that this was to be the way forward. Indeed, as this global situation escalated into a pandemic it was very clear that all accredited guardians were prepared, ready, educated and had already inspired a generation of homestay hosts to think and be ready to support in the same way. In fact, such has been the overwhelming praise from parents, schools and the teams within, we feel blessed to be regarded so highly. I’m sure this is a universal message that all AEGIS Guardians have received, and we should reflect on the positive work that has been achieved during this unprecedented and unsettling time.

It has truly been a collective effort to ensure the wellbeing of all students in our care and beyond have been supported and safely looked after, even under the most disruptive of situations! To the AGUK team we wanted you to know that we will be ever grateful for your commitment, drive and overwhelming sense of care.

Thank you.