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Why is it so important to work with a gold member AEGIS accredited guardianship company?

As a company operating in Guardianship for eight years, our team at Academic Guardians UK pride ourselves on quality Education Guardianship, providing support for you and your child throughout their education in the United Kingdom. Guardianships are essential for many overseas students, as an Education Guardian will be the crucial link between the student and their parents. We tackle all issues, from essential to trivial, helping eradicate a parent’s worry whilst your child is studying overseas. We provide Guardianship for Tier 4 students carrying out their education at Boarding Schools, Independent Schools and Universities in the United Kingdom, and our gold standard AEGIS accreditation means the welfare of your child is our top priority.

AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) is the authoritative guardianship awarding body in t­­he country, and we at Academic Guardians UK are proud holders of this respected accreditation. This means that parents of international students can benefit from having total peace of mind when choosing us to provide Guardianship for their child. AEGIS are a long standing and established awarding body, and our approval through this organisation means that we follow strict rules and regulations that put the safety of students first.

Our gold standard accreditation with AEGIS ensures that our Homestay hosts are trained in safeguarding children and respectful to the wellbeing, needs and values of every student. Each homestay host family is carefully selected to ensure that they are suitable for safeguarding your child, helping them feel at home by creating a warm, welcoming and safe environment. Our accreditation means that the homestay host families we provide are trusted in following codes of practice, are mindful of each student’s personal needs and customs and encourage learning and communication throughout their stay. To sustain AEGIS accreditation, every Guardianship organisation must be re-inspected every four years, meaning we are passionate about maintaining the high standards of services we provide.

2020 has been a challenging year for many of us, and Academic Guardians UK are proud of our response to the Covid-19 crisis. Our professionalism, expertise and large network of contacts has enabled us to respond efficiently to rapidly evolving emergency situations with confidence. We have successfully met the needs of all our students, schools and parents during the Coronavirus outbreak. Such as sourcing nearby accommodation for those in urgent need of a homestay host family and helping students who did not have responsive and suitable guardians in place. Working with AEGIS-recognised Guardianship companies like us at Academic Guardians UK is fundamentally important in protecting the welfare your child, ensuring they are matched with homestay hosts of the highest standards who provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment that feels reassuringly like home.

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