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As we are welcoming so many of our brave young students who are committed to being fully prepared to take on all the challenges that this new academic year brings educationally, socially, politically and wellbeing wise – Academic Guardians are right alongside supporting you, your family and the school you attend. With our ’Academic REACH’ offering we’ve already begun to nurture positive Guardianship relationships with our new parents and students; providing reassuring face time contact at this unique time, supporting with the many questions that arise, particularly at this time of the year.

Our homestay hosts have been tremendously supportive, prepared and willing to provide quarantine for those students who have been required to arrive early, where the schools cannot accommodate, in readiness for the start of term.  In readiness, we have provided further advice and guidance on homestay quarantines for both homestay hosts and the students! Ensuring a healthy, happy, warm, caring and safe environment for all to appreciate.

With so much uncertainty and many unknowns, our wider family of students, parents, schools, staff, drivers & homestay hosts can be assured that we are working tirelessly to provide the necessary reassurance and support that is needed! We thank you all for your continued support in being there for our International Students embarking on their 2020-21 UK Educational journey.

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